Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lady Gaga hangs out at the Turf Club

We got a text message from our BFF Susannah Dodge who was drinkin' at the near-empty Turf around 12:30am Tuesday night. Lady Gaga had rolled up in an Escalade with a small entourage and had taken a seat at the bar.

After we tweeted Susannah's news, the word spread like wildfire, and by 1am a gaggle of hipsters hit up the Turf to seek face time with the Lady herself - and they succeeded! Sources report that Gaga (who by numerous accounts, was "drunk" - though we take that to possibly just mean "Gaga") was soon dancing around in a bra-top and hot pants, and pausing to take pics with peeps in the Turf's photo booth. Nice!

Well, it's 4am and no one's manage to scan and upload pix of themselves with Gagz, as far as we can find, so we'll just wait to post more as they surface on Wednesday. In the meantime, take note of @daviss' twitpic of the Lady exiting through the back door of the Turf Club. If you've got pix, send 'em to us at with a link or just repost the link via our comments section.

A few choice tweets:

@emmamplsart made Xcel's personal gift to Gaga!

UPDATE: Here's a photo booth pic of Gaga with some peeps at the Turf!

UPDATE: Perez Hilton posted about it today too, and included the above pic of @thebitchelor and friends. No LOL/OMG link though. Bah. We'll get famous yet.

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  1. the gaggle of hipsters knew about it long before your tweet, hooker. we fast!

  2. Nah, I got the info as soon as she pulled up pretty much. FIRST, hussy! lol

  3. This is how you break a story. Well done.

  4. no way. i was already at the turf oggling gaga by the time it was tweeted. FIRST! FIRST!!!

  5. So, did we find out who pulled off this hoax? Who was the girl?

  6. Did no other photos service? How can those booth photos and her leaving be the only photos??! Everyone has a camera phone.. if I was there I'd spend the entire time taking photos lol hello this is like lady effin gaga not prince!

  7. there were only like 15 people there total, mainly turf regulars, and none of us wanted to be all rude and paparazzish. we just wanted to hang out and ogle gaga. some dude tried to take a pic and her body guards were like hell no.