Monday, November 22, 2010

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Kelsey Johnston does a studio visit with Crystal Quinn. More pix and interview on Secrets of the City here.

Mallman's on the road, and not lacking in keyboards.

Erik Hess captures the vibe at the MIA Third Thursday fashion show with MNFashion. More pix and review on l'etoile here.

Stacy Schwartz captures the action at the MCAD Art Sale. Full slideshow at here.

Erik Hess again, shooting some sweet shots of the Cloud Cult show on Wednesday. More pix and review at TC Daily Planet here.

City Pages gives us a photo tour of the new Blackbird Cafe.

Artist Kara Hendershot gets her paint on.

Sean Smuda finds some "dirty" ice. Remind you of anything?

And our WTF pic o' the week goes to Emeric Dwyer. Why weren't we invited to this totally awesome-looking party? WHY?

Janey Winterbauer and family went to Disney World last week. We wish we were kids again!

Artist Renee Larson gets some love at the NEMAA Fall Fine Arts Show.

Double Marinas! Pre-ice storm.

Andi Hillestad's son got into the blue food coloring...just hours before a scheduled family portrait. #memories

Whoa, dude. Paul Duhram does some tilt-shift action on Pink Mink at the MIA.

Beatrix Jar takes awesome pix.

These type of pictures never get old to us, especially if Ben Fredrickson is involved.

Chuck Olsen snaps a cool pic of a cat inspecting his martini. We like to imagine Chuck getting a pedicure at the same time this one was shot.

Poor Beth Loraine Bowman broke her ankle this week, but it looks like friends are taking care of her! Pic by Kris Vruno. #winehealsallwounds

Jay Gabler's bike was a victim of the ice storm.

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