Monday, April 18, 2011

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Pamela Diedrich captures the vibe at Voltage for Full gallery here.

@meatpit and Brock Lammers kick it outta focus on a rooftop. We like!

Model Ashlee Walker vamps at the Emma Berg/Kevin Kramp fashion show at the Grainbelt Bottling House. Full slideshow by Stacy Schwartz on City Pages here.

Meredith Westin and Brenda Karunya Peters get all up in some JC Chasez.

Christian Erickson snaps the amazing Gramma's Boyfriend at Thursday's LOL/OMG meetup!

Erik Hess snaps some amazing shots at the P-Diddy show at Epic. Full slideshow on City Pages here.

Lindsey Tauer sasses it up in stripes for Mighty Swell Vintage!

Jennifer Scammahorn's daughter twirls and swirls...and makes a cool pic happen!

Toby Rae captures a pretty scene.

Larisa Shewczyk snaps Heather Blechinger shooting pool in a Needle & Black frock. Cute!

M-Priesy captures Aztec Dancers at Powderhorn Park for Fashion Week Earth Day. Fancy!

Bubba Peterson and Molly Kroeten whoop it up somewhere classy!

Your weekly Amy Gee: Dog edition.

Epic. Hastings 3000 and Brother Ali boo up on Record Day.

Rogue Citizen arts around on Record Store Day at Hymie's.

Phong Tran snaps photographers Stephen Stephens and Stacy Schwartz nerding out with their cameras during Fashion Week.

Corey Tenold snaps a cool self-portrait.

Collier White snaps the EastaBunny at Cub. Nice kicks!

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