Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dearling Physique gets props on MTV's IGGY blog

With the official release of their first full-length album, Deadeye Dealer, enigmatic local act Dearling Physique is causing quite a stir. Factoring in a highly anticipated album release show tonight at the Entry, a music video premiere on Friday at the Uptown Apple store, and a gracious, gushing nod from MTV's IGGY blog, we thinks the mesmerizing electronic act is headed for a major break out.

MTV blogs:

"Dearling Physique's Deadeye Dealer is just so unusual. It’s an ambitious and intellectually challenging album that you won’t want to end. It’s chameleon-like, with disparate influences, and yet it is more coherent than most collections of songs crammed into an album format. Its contradictions unify it. In short, it’s the kind of album that signals the arrival of a new iconoclastic voice in pop."

Congrats, guys!

Read the full article HERE.

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