Tuesday, January 25, 2011

111 Things to Try in the Twin Cities

The fine folks over at Metromix put together a list of 111 things to try in 2011 in the Twin Cities sourced from a host of KARE11 employees, local musicians and many other in-the-know Twin Cities residents--including LOL/OMG staffers! There isn't a bad selection in the bunch (personally, we're regretting not mentioning the Macho Nachoz from Zorbaz) and the list is full of "oh yeah, that!" and "We have to go there!" moments.

The list is well worth taking the time to read through in its entirety (and take notes on), but for now, we'll leave you with our selections:

@jahnapeloquin: The Red Stag's rose gimlet, slide #6

@TheIverson: Ginger Hop's caramelized onion cream cheese wontons at Ginger Hop, Slide #51

@brokenhalo: The butterscotch pudding at Nick & Eddie, slide #62

@marrina: Checking out a classic film at the Trylon Microcinema, slide #98

Now, we know it's cold but there are only 11.5 months left in the year, get cracking.

Submitted by @brokenhalo


  1. 11.5 months left? More like 11.2.

  2. I'm sorry -- is there a way to view all of them without hitting "next" 110 times?