Monday, January 10, 2011

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Nate Hinz and Maria Mantey go on another arctic expedition. Scary!

Writer/painter/Voltage project manager Natalie Gallagher gets the glitter treatment by Sarah Schiesser and her little sister, Valerie Gallagher. (Via Muses & Lenses)

@jordieasmith discovers a bottle of Hennessy frozen to the sidewalk in uptown. #classy

We love it when StuffAboutMinneapolis unearths a good vintage mugshot.

Kelsey Johnson takes a tour of Top Shelf Tailoring. Full slideshow and interview on Secrets of the City here.

Filmmaker and former MNSpeak Editor Cristina Cordova goes rock climbing on Vieques Island in Puerto Rico. #jealous

Hadley Wilson hits Lush Food Bar for "drunch" wearing a piece made out of neckties and birds. We could totally rock that!!! #want

Christian Erickson snaps El Le Faunt performing at the last LOL/OMG Meetup at the 501.

Gretchen Baer snaps an ethereal shot of Venus De Mars

Elliot Manthey pops off a cool shot of a bowling alley. We like the composition!

Jenn Barnett captures DJ Jake Rudh doing what he does best.

We're not sure what Danica Andler is up to, but we are diggin' this pic.

Mike Minehart captures the insanity at the 501 Club on Saturday night.

The Rogue Buddha Gallery stayed open late on Friday night!

Bertrand Lemon expresses his feelings on losing a game of "Settlers of Catan."

Stacy Schwartz scans in some of her black and white film prints. Love it!

Amy Gee snaps the lovely Kara Nesvig and her pussy.

Bo Hakala beautifully captures the snowy tundra.

Dillon Bakke makes an arty mess on the set of his new MTN show, "Doodle with Dillon"

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