Monday, January 17, 2011

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Taylor Carik goes on vaca, gets some cornrows and captures this glorious self portrait.

Filipe N. Marques shoots fashion noir.

Why the Love Power party was awesome, in a nutshell. Twitpic by @TotallyGNP

Ned Lampert snaps a hilarious sign in St. Louis Park. #huh

The creative cats of Zeus Jones at work.

Jeremy and Vanessa Messersmith go on Vacation to Mexico and make out underwater.

Stacy Schwartz poses for Leslie Plesser with a "loko" look in her eye.

Pretty, pretty Amy Gee.

Double Paul Duhrams. Not gonna lie, the crotch really creeps us out.

Hannah von der Hoff has a creepy side.

Domino Davis uploads a new profile pic. We like!

We didn't know they drove Hummers in outer space while playing pinball. Photo by Christian Erickson.

Club Jag bartender Paul Tervaskis does a devilish shoot with 25Kino Photography. Hott!

Kevin O'Meara shoots Dillon Bakke at Recess at the Varsity Theater. Scream!

Keep it classy, Minneapolis. Photo by Andy DuCett.

Mary Lucia's adorable Pug, Smudge, puts on a fashion show!

Artist Liz Miller wraps up a window installation for the Walker Gift Shop. Love it!

Kern Nickerson gets kissy with a kitty. Adorbz! Pic by Heidi Skoog.

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Submitted by @TheIverson

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