Monday, January 3, 2011

l'etoile's Best of 2010: Tweeters, bloggers and more

On New Year's Eve, our sister-site l'etoile busted out with their annual "Best of" list, which featured staffers' favorite people, places and things of 2010. Among the categories, was "Best Tweeters" in which they narrowed down the Twittersphere to three fun categories (see below). To read l'etoile's complete Best of 2010 list, including Best Blog, Best Bachelor/Bachelorette, Best Artist and much more, click HERE.


We have to say, it was hard for us to narrow down just one Twitter personality to select as "best." In 2010 the stripped-down social media platform truly caught the attention of the world - and just like that, your mom was following you (scream!). Sure, we COULD have gone with the smartest tweeter, the most informative or the like, but instead we decided to take a little inspiration from our spin-off social media gossip blog LOL/OMG (thanks to a suggestion from clever twitter babe, @vruno) and break it all down into three entertaining categories: LOL (the funniest tweeter), OMG (the most outrageous tweeter) and WTF (the tweeter that most frequently makes us scratch our heads). Enjoy! -K.I.

Best Tweeter (LOL): @brokenhalo

Freelance music writer and man-about-town, Pat O'Brien, has long been a Twitter fixture in the Twin Cities. His wry brand of pseudo stand-up comedy in 140 characters or less regularly lands him on LOL/OMG's popular "Weekend Twitterings" round up. From general sarcasm to hilarious pop culture references and locally-focused observations, @brokenhalo is a follow you won't regret. Follow him HERE.

Best Tweeter (OMG): @meatpit

The handle alone is almost OMG enough! Whenever we're feeling grumpy, we just take a trip over to @meatpit's Twitter feed for a good laugh. Also known as local scenestress Alicia Zobbe-Hogdal, @meatpit's tweets are frequently NSFW, will probably shock you more often than not, and may even scar for life those with delicate sensibilities. She's a little like a tiny female version of Andrew Dice Clay - a version that's actually funny. Follow @meatpit HERE.

Best Tweeter (WTF): @JohnWallaceMPLS

This prolific Twitterati seems to live his life via social media, giving his followers solid play-by-play action on a daily basis, often times late into the night. Loud, brassy and sassy, John Wallace takes us all over Minneapolis with plenty of caps, exclamation points, and LOL-worthy hashtags. Our favorite WTF @JohnWallaceMPLS moments often occur after hours, once he's sufficiently #JUICED. Follow @JohnWallaceMPLS HERE.

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