Sunday, May 9, 2010

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Liz Bastian of Bastian + Skoog teaches some Yoga moves at the Raccoon Rally bike scavenger hunt -- Bastian + Skoog's floral design studio was a check point! More photos by Kern Nickerson on Flickr here.

Ashley Ackerson snaps Sally Watson snapping Ashley Ackerson at the Blue Sky Blackout/BNLX show at Sauce! Janey Winterbauer snaps on in the background. Snaptastic!

Project Runway alum Christopher Straub takes in some MN history!

Lan Pham captures the action at the season closer for Powder Keg Live at the Ritz!

Jay at the TC Daily Planet uploads a grip of amazing pics from the Cinco de Mayo Fiesta! More here.

Jake Rudh shows off just SOME of the locally-made CDs he played tracks off of at his monthly DJ night "Music" at King's Wine Bar last Tuesday. How many do you recognize?

Vanessa Messersmith takes a flower a graveyard? That's our Vanessa!

Local cutie Sheila Anderson takes a trip to Mexico and gets some cool under-the-sea shots. Bubbles!

Chuck Olson of MN Original gets an awesome snap of the amazing Jeremy Messersmith at his CD release show at the Cedar. Apparently, MN Original video taped the whole thing too. We want!!

We're diggin' this mom homage by Jay Gabler! Says Jay in his photo caption: "From my artsy 35mm photo days. 'Hey, Mom, would you stand in front of that cornfield holding this picture? That might look cool.' Happy Mother's Day, Mom!" Awwww.

Video artist Hal Lovemelt knows how to pop a collar!

Georgia Makitalo finds some evidence of Spring!

Danielle Morris snaps an arty pic and puts the "hipstamatic" iphone filter on it. We like!

Charlie & Molly's dog is 2QT2B4GTN!

Denis Jeong Plaster snaps this saucy shot of peeps gettin' kissy/cryphy at the Record Room on Friday! Slideshow on City Pages here.

Colleen Guenther snaps some trippy light art that her husband Justin aka light/video artist Wonderhaus made. Kewl! See it live at the Bedlam this Wednesday.

Cheryl Wilgren Clyne plays with shadows at the Foshay Tower!

Yet another great shot by Christian Erickson, this time at the Bella Koshka show. Pretty!

Third Lair skate park opens its new vert ramp! Photo by Alex Uncapher. Slideshow at City Pages here.

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