Sunday, May 2, 2010

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Co-producer Colin Kloecker hangs out stage side at this month's edition of Salon Saloon. We're digging the framing on this pic!

Val Escher captures the magic at the Bitch Flowers party!

Christian Erickson gets a cool shot at the River Centre ramp after a family outing to the Festival of Nations.

Trips trubs: Matt Peiken, Ed Kohler and Aaron Landry have what we're sure is some sort of high-brow discussion at the Twin Cities Daily Planet B-Day Bash. More pix here.

Thea Jensen snaps this cool shot of some peeps at a warehouse party. We like the composition!

LOL/OMG pal Paul Duhram uploads this pic from a Vision party at the Fur Building in 1999. We especially like Paul's "blue steel" look. Also, boobs!

Mayor Ryback and Mayor Coleman channel Governor Schwarzenegger.

The lovely Mackenzie Labine gets some air. Viva la Spring!

l'etoile releases their spring fashion editorial: Kiss Me, Cake. See the whole spread here.

Amy Gee does a film noir inspired shoot with cuties Kara Nesvig and John Sand.

Birthday girl and l'etoile culture editor Juleana Enright shoots pool at the 501 Club's 1-Year anniversary bash! Photo by Christian Erickson.

Jay Gabler kicks it with a new friend during the Bryn Mawr Festival of Garage Sales.

Drinking croquet with Mark Fox? We're in.

Emma Berg snaps some May Day Parade action on her iphone.

Dave Wolfe uploads some cool pics from back in the day. We'd love to know who these peep are!

Ironman celebrates Free Comic Book Day at the intersection of Snelling & Larpenteur. Pic by Damon Thrift.

Taylor Carik admires a bottle of tequila...shaped like a machine gun! Where do we get one?! Photo by Paul Schmelzer.

The Bangles still look as hot as they did in the 80s while playing the Fine Line this week! Photo by Tony Nelson. Slideshow at City Pages here.

Amber Miss-Nomad snaps a sweet crowd shot at the May Day Festival and puts a filter on it that reminds us of an impressionist painting. Cool!

Upload a cool pic lately? Send us the link to for consideration in next week's edition of This Week in Uploaded Pictures!

Submitted by @letoilemagazine


  1. The Dave Wolfe photo def has Tony (Last Name?) and Noel Morgan in that line up.

    What I don't understand is why you didn't pick the picture of me from 20 years ago in that album. Just not cool enough, I guess. :(

  2. Haha I DID see that pic, Kristoffer, but it was uploaded in February and I try to keep it to recent uploads! I saw like 30 pics I wanted to post though. That's a great set. Between Dave and Bayard Michael, we could have one hell of a photo exhibit!

  3. Definitely some history there. And, oops I forgot about February. Thanks for the love!