Monday, May 31, 2010

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

@trikno gets a classic shot of the Tiny Tim star on 1st Ave's wall before it was painted over. WHY?!?!

Thea Jensen goes on a sailing vaca! 7am on the dock. (Too early for us!)

Peeps get buck wild at Soundset! Photo by Denis Jeong Plaster. Slideshow at City Pages here.

@stardahli snaps off this sweet twitpic of Atmosphere bringing Soundset to an apt close.

Token animal pic: Rob Callahan prop-styles a pup at Allegra Lingo's Memorial Day BBQ!

Jen Davis gives us a peek at her hand-painted Yoga mat designed for the SOOVAC's "Gorilla Yogi" show opening this coming weekend.

Kathleen Kvern captures a beautiful sunset. Wow!

Jason Albus travels to Brooklyn and takes too many good pictures!

Emily Wilson shoots some saucy shots of the locally-bred Har Mar Superstar gettin' fresh with some ladies. We're pretty sure this was for a video or photo project, but how very L.A.!

Gregory Euclide gets a totally cool shot of the cloudy summer sky.

Georgia Makitalo snaps a pic of this cool/strange flower, apparently called a "Passionflower." Neat!

Jenny Dalton and her friend Cody check out Franconia Sculpture Park on Memorial Day.

Emily Utne captures the high style of Emma Berg's Spring/Summer collection. Watch for a full editorial spread of this shoot to be featured on l'etoile soon!

Emily Konkler and her pal Matt get their stoop on over the long weekend!

Daniel Peet uploads a big album of his art photography. We especially like this one!

Damon Thrift and his costume designing bro, Yancy, spent Memorial Day Weekend creating an epic Captain America costume for Damon to wear to an upcoming Sci-Fi Con. We love this!

Colleen Guenther goes to the racetrack!

Papa Erickson snaps some Memorial Day Weekend kid antics. Cool light and composition! snaps this hilar pic of Twins player Justin Morneau with Captain Morgan and his lady-friends.

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  1. "@trikno gets a classic shot of the Tiny Tim star on 1st Ave's wall before it was painted over. WHY?!?!"

    They're painting the entire wall. The stars will go back up, don't worry.