Thursday, May 20, 2010

Last day to vote for One Man Minneapolis!

After weeks of online voting, the One Man Minneapolis contest comes to a close Thursday at Midnight, so get your votes in while the getting's good! The competition identifies the one man in the Twin Cities who represents the best of the best from the perspectives of community involvement, personality, intelligence and fitness. What's better? The winner gets to donate $2500 to a local charity of his choice!

Our money is on l'etoile ad manager and selfless bastard, Brian Gioielli, who is not only adorable and cool as all get out, but is one of those rare peeps that relentlessly donates his time and talents to local charities and non-profit orgs for the greater good. We think Brian is tops! The other "One Men" finalists aren't too shabby either, so check out the site and vote for your fave!

Tonight, Thursday May 20th you can meet the men at OM Restaurant in Downtown Minneapolis from 5-7pm. Or you can pick up tix to the main event on Saturday at the Pantages: a glorious man pageant that features live music, interviews with the top five dudes, an evening wear competition, and even a (potentially hilarious) work out segment. We recommended our pal Brian do a thigh master/interpretive dance routine if he's selected, but e-mails went unreturned.

Click HERE to vote! (Brian is the one with the awesome beard!)

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