Monday, March 5, 2012

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Our favorite picture of the week, for obvious reasons! Photo by Charlie Forbes.

Erica Rivera captures the unusual snow fall. We thought it was summer already!

@noraborealis gets her underbody blasted.

Arik Hanson stays warm with a game of...carpet checkers?

@benbrlsq captures a strange bit of nature.

Matt Barthelemy hosts an epic ping pong party! Photo by Liz Bastian.

Biafra Inc gets around. Photo by Andrew Casey.

Christin Crabtree Grider gets a cool shot at the Astronautalis show at 1st Ave on Friday.

David Mendolia shoots a serene portrait.

Andy DuCett finds some festive patriotism amidst the snowy tundra.

We already posted a dog with sunglasses, so why not a dog with a hat? Photo by Nicky Stein-Grohs.

Keith Williams jumps around at Grandslam. We want to do this! Photo by Jared Martin.

Gina Marie Vintage's pretty party fairies.

Jenny Price gets her snowshoe on.

Evershed Mattingly gets tilt shifty on some school buses.

Peeps ham it up in Playatta's artsy photo booth at the Love Expressions exhibit at 2 Tigers Gallery.

@inono gets wired.

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