Monday, March 12, 2012

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Angie Heitz enjoys the weather with a glass of pink wine on the patio at Club Jag.

Minneapolis painter Luke Hillestad visits NYC. Photo by Jamie Cook.

Artist Michael Thomsen visits Rome and gets some cool shots.

Tom Horgen takes a jaunt over to St. Paul and snaps a pic of the Cosetta's construction. Hello, rooftop patio and pizza!

Kristoffer Knutson gets shot by Shelly Mosman. Handsome + spooky!

Rebecca McDonald captures the annual weirdness that is MarsCon for City Pages. Full slideshow here.

The talented Dave Eckblad captures a pretty portrait of Karissah Peterson at Transmission's 11th Anniversary Party at 1st Ave.

Kelly Groehler's pooch is adorably pouty.

ChristiaanBacon Tarbox makes his 100th zany promotional image for Freaky Deeky!

Laura Hallen makes some colorful, arty-lookin' food. We think she should apply her signature resin pouring technique to her meal!

Photographers shooting cameras a la Erik Hess.

Garrio Harrison takes a train track stroll.

Kissing cousins! Photo by Molly Forbes.

Taylor Carik, Anne Tonolli Cook, and Chris Cook whoop it up, dinosaur-style.

Melting snow is a glorious thing. Just not when you have to step in it. Photo by Courtney Thomas.

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