Monday, March 19, 2012

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Chuck Olsen gets a snazzy sunset shot near the Broadway Bridge.

Stephanie Glaros tips us off on a cool new art project by Troy Gua entitled "Le Petit Prince"...we can dig it!

Pete Basgen finds a Bill Murray love note in a bathroom.

@tricious visits the Sharon Louden installation at the Weisman. Shiny!

Erik and Reed document the characters of SXSW. See more pix via City Pages here.

Mirza Nizamuddin captures a crazy aerial view of downtown St. Paul on St. Paddy's Day.

Shouldn't we just go ahead and make Kieran the official mascot of St. Patrick's Day in the Twin Cities?

Serah Sauser captures a hazy June March evening.

Jordon Daley enjoys a cob with Romeny Chan.

Tim Ritter steps out.

Sara Syverhus goes to a succulent nursery in Texas and scores some creepy specimens.

Shad Petosky happens upon a toilet graveyard on his way through New Mexico.

Here are the Wants, but where are the Needs?

Todd O'Dowd snaps a cool Instagram pic at the Saloon's drag show on Sunday.

A foggy morning at the dog park! Photo by Sean Connaughty.

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