Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Brick Opens to Terrible Reviews

The Brick, Downtown Minneapolis' newest concert venue opened last night with a bang. And we don't mean that in a good way. Jane's Addiction performed to what seemed to be a very displeased crowd. We didn't actually go to the concert, but thanks to Twitter and Facebook, we got a pretty good idea of what the situation was like.

We checked out the Facebook page for the venue and.. well, here's a taste of what is going on over there.

For more local coverage go here, here and here.

Submitted by @marrina.


  1. I was there. It is by far the worst venue that I have ever been to. They oversold the show by like 800 people. The men's room has 3 urinals, 1 stall and 2 sinks... for the "Biggest live music club in Minneapolis". Security was rude and wandered around looking confused. There was almost a gigantic fight/rumble on the main floor. I then moved upstairs but was singularily unable to see the stage - and I am 6'2" so there should have been no sight line problems. I feel ripped off... I could hear Jane's (who sounded great when not threatening to leave), but I could have done that by buying a CD and saving $50.00. Worst venue ever.


  3. Granted, this happened because of fireworks but what if a fire started in the Brick? Would anyone make it out alive? They said it was nuts to butts in the place and oversold for such a small venue. How do you get out if you're on the upper terrace of the venue? How many fire exits are there and where are they located? I wouldn't go in this place if you paid me. It takes 30 seconds for smoke to overcome a venue and you'd be lost in darkness smashed with another 1000 people. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4xaWMKBlw4