Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Isaac Arvold Returns to Minneapolis

Walking your dog is usually a fun activity. Unless you're Isaac Arvold and this happens to you: "In 2012 I lost three years worth of illustrative work in a matter of three seconds. In a rush, I lost a bag which held my prized notebooks while getting into a car on my way to the dog run in Brooklyn, and though I returned minutes later, the bag (and the notebooks) were gone forever."

Terrible, right? Luckily Arvold, a former Minneapolis artist who now resides in New York, was smart enough to scan or photograph majority of his illustrations. On April 21st, he plans to display these re-imagined works at CO Exhibitions gallery. He is going to need a little help from his friends, so listen up.

Arvold has a current Kickstarter campaign to help fund art supplies to complete the work, transportation of work to Minneapolis, and capturing and editing of the entire project by filmmaker Maria Juranic. A number of incentives, such as custom paintings, illustrations, and memorabilia are up for grabs for those who pledge support.

Check out Facebook and Kickstarter to learn more and donate. In the meantime, check out what peeps on Twitter are saying about Arvold:

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