Thursday, July 28, 2011

Moon Glyph's Pitchfork sampler now a free download

When local experimental music label Moon Glyph (home to the likes of Claps, Food Pyramid, Buffalo Moon and Magic Castles) went to Pitchfork Festival, they brought with them a free sampler that earned them a writeup in Pitchfork-affiliated, psychedelic-underground blog Altered Zones. Now you can download the sampler for free by clicking this handy link.


1. Buffalo Moon - "Black Magic"
2. Velvet Davenport - "Weather"
3. Dead Luke - "If You Love Me"
4. Magic Castles - "Roger Beguine"
5. Forma - "FORMA 145A"
6. Food Pyramid - "ATM"
7. Xander Harris - "Redemption In Blood"
8. Claps - "Glory, Glory"
9. Larry Wish & His Guys - "On One Condition"
10. Camden - "New Valley of Death"
11. Lee Noble - "Tattooed Eyes in Jail" (KXLU) (excerpt)
12. Dylan Ettinger - "ACC_01"
13. Ghostband - "Melusine"
14. Tender Meat - "Brenda's Closet"

Via Chris Riemenschneider on Facebook
Submitted by @jahnapeloquin

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