Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend Twitterings

This weekend was not all about U2, although SO many of you went to check them out. The rest of us went out and witnessed typical weekend debauchery; some went on blind dates and some were horrified by the Lyndale Ave naked guy. Yes, he exists.


A few local folks went to WI to see Bon Iver in concert. It was SO worth it.

Gross. The Slipknot shirt, that is.


Don't you hate it when that happens?


Oh, no.



U2 stopped by...


There is a naked guy on Lyndale?

Cool dads rock.

That's good advice.

He's in Mad Men, btw.

Jay was assigned to cover the #starkeygala. He dyed his hair red for the occasion.

We are so glad this date went well..



Submitted by @marrina.

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