Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thought Catalog partners with Minneapolis-based PhiLOLZophy

Thought Catalog, the popular NYC-based creative writing blog, has started republishing posts from the Minneapolis-based blog PhiLOLZophy, which is one of The Tangential's partner blogs. The first republished post is on "Judging Male Sexual Attractiveness Based on the Shoes They Wear" by Johanna DeSilentio, and it's hilarious. (Johanna DeSilentio is actually a feminized version of a pen name Kierkegaard used, added to the TC post at the suggestion of their editors. PhiLOLZophy posts are actually written jointly by Sarah Heuer [@heusar] and Chrissy Stockton [@xsssy]). Check it out.

Via @thetangential
Submitted by @jahnapeloquin

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