Friday, July 8, 2011

Brooklyn designer rips off EXTRA LARGE dance party poster art

Most of us know that Minneapolis is a hotbed of design talent. Apparently, someone in Brooklyn knows that, too. Mike Davis, AKA Mike 2600, of local screenprinting/design group Burlesque of North America was alerted to a flier for a dance party in Brooklyn in a style startlingly like the one he uses for his "EXTRA LARGE" monthly dance party fliers.

BONUS: EXTRA LARGE is happening tonight (Friday) at the Record Room! Click here for deets.

Exhibit A: Mike's design for EXTRA LARGE:

Exhibit B: Another one of Mike's designs for EXTRA LARGE:

Exhibit C: The offending copycat, purportedly "designed" by someone named Samantha Cake Robles:

Mike's reaction on Twitter:

The designer who emulated Mike's design owned it though, if not without attitude:

See the whole thread here. Pretty funny.

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