Friday, July 1, 2011

CONvergence Tweet Roundup

Annual geekfest, CONvergence, kicked off Thursday and nerds are already going crazy on Twitter. We've rounded up a few highlights thus far, and we expect (no, we KNOW) that things will only get more outrageous throughout the rest of the weekend. Follow the hashtag #CVG2011 to keep up with all the hilarious shenanigans.

Jeremy Messersmith's Ira Glass "costume" is a hit. Speaking of Jeremy, did you read the cover story about his weekly D&D game? It's pretty awesome.

Yep. The sky's the limit at #cvg2011! Check out the schedule here.

They have breakfast at Dairy Queen?

Yes, the theme of this year's CONvergence revolves around steampunk.

@carr2d2 can't wait to eat some free rice in the CONsuite.

We completely concur. Read about the time we freak danced a storm trooper at our first trip to CONvergence here.

We bet a Klingon did that.

We can already tell Scrimshaw's tweets from Con are going to be good.

CONvergence dance parties are always epic.

We'd expect nothing less. Over 5000 nerds will be all up in the Sheraton this weekend.

One of the best party rooms of CONvergence got placed on the 4th floor this year. Stop in for a Pimm's Cup!

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