Monday, July 18, 2011

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

We're diggin' C-Rocka's muddy boot shot!

Elliot Manthy and Vinny Erickson shake on it.

Nick LeMere and Jessica Biggs put on the best photo shoot ever.

Jon Behm shoots the Totally Gross National Party at Jager for Reviler.

Ken Friberg gets a cool shot of the St. Paul Lightrail construction...or maybe the St. Paul canals.

Bastille Day was a blast! Photo set by Stacy Schwartz via here.

Katie Engelmann and her bf take a trip to Hawaii and find adventure.

Bunny and Coco meet the woodchipper from Fargo.

Stacy Schwartz shoots NKOTBSB. Full slideshow on City Pages here.

Masu sushi busts out with the "Heartbreaker Roll" in honor of Japan's win over the US in the World Cup. Yum!

Christian Erickson snaps Mayda in full effect at the LOL/OMG Meetup last Thursday!

Josie and Molly of Bee Cool play some jams along with eye candy a la Matt Visionquest.

Andy Ducett and Josh Stulen customize "LARPer plates" for next weekend's LARPing extravaganza at the Soap Factory.

Aurora Whittet shoots her adorable pooches chillin' out.

Photog Jenn Barnett takes Phil Sheridan and Donette Ambrosy on a wedding day side trip. Supercute.

Drea Carmen Curtis snaps a Hellmouth that opened near her house.

Jennifer Scammahorn finds a good questions.

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