Wednesday, July 13, 2011

St. Paul Makes It To GQ's List Of The Worst-Dressed Cities In America

St. Paul came in at Number 24:

For the most part, Saint Paul takes after its namesake: an old, conservative white dude who doesn't care much for earthly fashions. Consider the haircut on one of its most famous denizens, F. Scott Fitzgerald. It's the kind of place where a Super Kmart doesn't seem like a superfluous eyesore, it's a gosh darn convenient place to purchase appliances, groceries, and yes—clothes—in one big time-saving trip. Meaning there's more hours in the day to watch Matlock or mow the lawn in a giveaway tee and Zubaz. Fortunately, for the few fashion-minded citizens of St. Paul, the much younger, hipper, boutique-strewn Minneapolis is just a bridge away

To illustrate the point, they included this photo of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Diss!

Thanks to our reader Raquel for the tip!
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  1. I don't disagree that St. Paul is not a well-dressed city—but (a) that haircut is badass, and (b) anyone who uses the word "hipper" is not to be trusted as an arbitrator of hipper-ness.

  2. I don't disagree either

  3. Witness this! I hope that somewhere in the article the abundance of icky-textured brown suits is mentioned. And the fact that men-in-sweatpants is super-unfortunately "costume de rigueur". *sigh*