Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Will the real DeRusha please stand up?

You know you're reached a certain level of fame when you get your own online impersonator. Michael Bay has one, Rahm Emmanuel has one, and now WCCO's Jason DeRusha has one too. Famed local TV persona who in the recent years has established a very strong presence on the local intranetz, posted this on his Twitter page this morning:

Fake DeRusha, who's been secretly tweeting since last October, cleverly mocks real DeRusha's trademarks: good question and jason cam, the daily features he runs on WCCO. Good question turns into bad question and jason cam becomes not jason cam. Get it? This guy (or a girl?) is like Jon Bovi, the Bon Jovi opposite cover band from SNL! To get a taste of what the fake DeRusha is all about, we have sampled a few tweets:

Real DeRusha is being gracious about the entire thing, as we expected him to be. But I am sure he is dying to know who is behind this initiative? Do you have any suspects??


  1. I feel embarassed that I haven't noticed this until now.

  2. And I thought you were supposed to be a "social media titan." You are quicker than your imposter though!