Sunday, January 3, 2010

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Another round of our favorite pics that were uploaded over the past week on various social media platforms. Enjoy!

Local DJ and graphic designer Travis Stearns celebrates NYE. Photo by Alex Uncapher

Mensch Maschine artfully snaps the insanity at Solera NYE

Pop Inc. wishes you a happy holiday season! Photo by Dwayne Williams

Mark Gerhing captures the action at the Solid Gold NYE show!

Jeremy Messersmith enjoys a holiday vaca in Mexico. Photo by Vanessa Messersmith

Sevnthsin honcho Jamey Erickson kicks back.

Don Venticinque drinks somethin' fancy at La Belle Vie.

Denis Jeong Plaster snaps Project Runway's Ra'mon & Christopher for City Pages at the Crystal Ball Party

Christian Erickson captures some after hours fun at the Red Stag NYE party.

Christian Erickson snaps the hard freeze in action.

The stroke of midnight at Clubhouse Jager's NYE party. Photo by DJ Jake Rudh

Local filmmaker Bo Hakala captures Hell, er, a holiday bonfire.

Molly Kroeten gets shot by Kevin O'Meara

Jenn Barnett gets a slew of epic photos of the Susstones Anniversary show

Submitted by @letoilemagazine

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