Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our picks for's Hotness contest

The nomination process has ended for's Hotness competition, and judging is in full effect through January 20. So to get you started, we thought we'd offer our picks for Hottest in the Twin Cities.

[Photo by Kate Iverson for l'etoile]

We're lucky to have had the ultra-handsome Trent Raygor model for l'etoile on more than one occasion. The former Cadillac Blindside and Monarques bassist is now a happily-married father of two. Vote for Trent HERE.

[Photo by Stephen Stephens for l'etoile]

L'etoile's very own Art Director, Chris Larson, is "a hot graphic designer in Minneapolis that works on such projects as Voltage: Fashion Amplified, l'etoile magazine, Feast, and more." Vote for Chris HERE.

Host of 89.3 The Current's "The Local Show" and Afro-d frontman of awesome tribute band E.L.nO, David Campbell is known to make the ladies swoon with his many varieties of hair length and facial hair. Vote for David HERE.

Hip hop/R&B/reggaeton singer Maria Isa (who's set to perform in the upcoming local production of RENT) makes the list. Vote for Maria HERE.

LOL! Me and My Arrow member and Nomad World Pub booker Brian McDonough gets caught on the toilet! Though we must say, he happens to look a bit like Julian Casablancas. Vote for Brian HERE.

Booker at the 501 Club and musician Noah Paster (Brutal Becomings, Askeleton, Grant Cutler & The Gorgeous Lords) got a surprise nom from his girlfriend. Vote for Noah HERE.

Ultra-stylish The Minnesota Daily A&E writer John Sand is also co-chair of Queer Student Cultural Center and Curriculum Design Executive of Department of Epidemiology at the U of M. Vote for John HERE.

WCCO reporter Jason DeRusha is beloved in the local blogosphere for his wit and charm. Vote for Jason HERE.

Our pick for Best Bartender in our Best of 2009 guide, Clubhouse Jager bartend Paul Teravskis is also a DJ under the name Demietoile. Vote for Paul HERE.

Lady about town Apryl Electra "is a gifted singer, musician and songwriter who works as a raw vegan personal chef when she's not making beautiful music." Vote for Apryl HERE.

Known for regularly lighting up the dance floor at Transmission with his high-kicking Morrissey moves, Niles Schwartz also has the "look of a young David Boreanaz." Vote for Niles HERE.

It took a keen eye to identify this hottie, none other than Gospel Gossip bassist Justin Plank (known to many admirers simply as the Silver Fox). Vote for Justin HERE.

CLICK HERE to view all nominees and vote. You're allowed to vote for up to 10 women and 10 men on a scale of 1 to 10. Winners land the cover of and super-sweet prizes.

Submitted by @jahnapeloquin

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