Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekend Twitterings

An "Ice Ice Baby' weekend, marked by Hip Hop stage brawls, tweetups and all sorts of fun things is behind us. You were as vocal as always on our fave social networking site, and we have collected the best of the best. The new edition of Weekend Twitterings is here!

Yeah, before a bunch of chicks showed up and took over.

This was a doozy. We wrote about it here.

2 celeb re-tweets in one day? How do you do it?


They do not. We asked our boyfriend.

It is devastating, We know..

Amen, sister.

We can't get enough of this.

We established that we all liked the sound of basketball shoes on the court and that we like Hockey fights.

Was Heidi Montag in town??

LOL x 2

Do "Bump Its" work with dreadlocks?

Ah, Fillman. Always bringing the best kind of weird.

Agreed. Mpls is where it's at! p.s.-Our dentist is NOT hip.

If the twitpic didn't explain it all, we'd think Ackerman was on some sort of drug-fueled freakout. Turns out it was just Vulcans.

We're pretty sure that would work on us too.

Neither do we. We thought it was chewing tobacco.

So does Jonny!

Well, the Vikes lost (of course) but Punch Pizza comes to the rescue (of course)!

Submitted by @marrina and @letoilemagazine

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