Saturday, January 23, 2010

TC Hip Hop Awards disaster!

Once again, the annual Twin Cities Hip Hop Awards at First Avenue turned violent -- this time on stage! Our pal @C_Rocka re-tweeted a blog post by @FranzDiego of Illuminous 3 detailing the events that went down Friday night.

Apparently, while the host was stalling for time before Illuminous 3 went on, a random guy somehow got on stage and started spouting off on the microphone. The host lost his cool after trying to get the guy off the stage and the two started fighting, causing numerous people to rush the stage.

Event promoter Larry Lucio Jr. of Amplified Life says via his blog "When I saw some dude pick up a bar stool and whip it at my head for NO APPARENT REASON, I knew this was way beyond a man-to-man fight. People were taking the opportunity to act a fool. Luckily I dodged the bar stool like George Bush dodged that shoe" (LOL!) He goes on to say "I hope someone did film it so we can see how that situation escalated, from a simple bit of arguing, to a full fleged BRAWL… on the stage… at Historic First Avenue."

If anyone witnessed this or has any pictures or videos send them to us, or post in the comment section below!

UPDATE: Seasoned music critic Chris Riemenschneider blogs about the incident on the Strib's site. Interesting chatter going on in the comments. We have to agree with C.R. -- the reason the event hasn't gotten a lot of major media buzz is that it's badly promoted (at least to the media).

UPDATE: We have video courtesy of Pete Mac at First Ave:

Submitted by @letoilemagazine


  1. No way. Violence at a hip hop show? Huh?

  2. Funniest thing about the fight was the person that threw the first blow... the host.

    I was setting up my illustrations/display in the VIP room for The Original Truth Squad's party when I over heard the host of TC Hip Hop Awards tell everyone that they want to have a peaceful event; it's too bad the host couldn't comply with his own wishes.

    I was going to show some friends to the cote check in the MainRoom (where TC Hip Hop Awards were being held) when I notic someone ripped down one of my displays that covered one of the windows over looking the main room. At that point I looked out onto the MainRoom and saw fists and bar stools flying on the stage. I never thought I would see so much chaos at the world famous First Avenue.

    The Mainroom was empty and some of the TC Hip Hop Award goers came up to the VIP room to have some drinks and dance however most of them "Dipped Out"

    I'm just glad that guns didn't come into play.

  3. Wow. How many peeps do you think were on stage fighting? Hopefully some video comes out. Embarrassing! I guess that host will never be asked back. What a hypocritical dumbass!

  4. there were max 10 people; other then First Avenue crew and my friend Pete Mac (A/V First Avenue) said he got most on film

  5. Dillon will you email it to me once/if he gets it online?

  6. There were quite a few people on stage. The actual fisticuffs went on for less than 5 minutes; host clocked the unwanted guest, then the stage was flooded with fists, feet, and a chair (quite reminiscent of the Bookdocks for those familiar with the show). I'd be very suprised if this event was ever allowed back at First Ave again.

  7. Wow that's crazy, I was in there earlier grabbing some tickets. Why wouldn't first ave have cameras running all the time?

  8. video up on


    Larry Lucio, Jr. of Amplified Life

  9. since the host was begging over and over again to get that nigga off stage, someone (security?) should have gotten that nigga offstage before the host beat his muthafuckin ass and someone busted out a stool. embarassing!

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