Sunday, January 17, 2010

Vote for a good...and HOT cause!

Social media campaign alert!

We nominated l'étoile staff designer Chris Larson for the Hotness contest because, well, we think he's hot and awesome. But leave it up to Chris to turn our silly nomination into something smart, good-hearted and worthwhile.

Chris declared that if he wins, he'll be donating his winnings to Dress for Success, a non-profit that helps low-income women with career development! Chris and a guest stylist will hit the MOA to spend the $500 gift card that comes comes with winning the contest, putting together as many stylish, job interview-savvy outfits as they can to donate to Dress for Success.

So, check out the video below and vote for a good cause! All you have to do is register HERE and vote for Chris HERE. It's quick and easy! Voting ends January 20th!

Make Me a Hottie... For a Good Cause, of Course. from Chris Larson on Vimeo.


  1. Super cool idea, Chris. I gave you a 10.

  2. why does he need all this attention and recognition to donate to a good cause? tacky.

  3. He was nominated in good fun, by us, he had nothing to do with it. Instead he turned what could be a very self-indulgent thing into something nice. Honestly, he was embarrassed yet flattered. Chris is the furthest thing from tacky. He's quite awesome and kind-hearted, Hotness contest or not. He donates a ton of his time to pro-bono design projects for non-profits such as MNFashion and Feast Mpls. He donates to good causes constantly, actually.

  4. Remember that "Curb Your Enthusiasm" episode where Ted Danson is praised for "selflessly" keeping his name off a wall at a charity benefit? This kind of reminds me of that. Nevertheless, my hat's off, though with something of a suspicious squint.

  5. LOL. Well, trust me, Chris is doing this with the best of intentions. He's a good guy that does good things for people all the time -- he does such things for l'etoile all the time! He's honestly one of the least vapid peeps I know.

  6. ps-we're the ones promoing his video all over town, not him! :)

  7. Dear Suspicious Squinter (and company):

    It's not about attention and recognition for me—it's about attention and recognition for an organization I'm fond of.

    I think one of the other prizes is spa-related. If you care to step out of the shadows, I'd be happy to donate that prize to you—it sounds like you could use some time to relax!


  8. PS— I'm 25 and I'm a freelancer! If you think that without these contest winnings I'd have an extra $500 at my disposal, or a pile of gently used women's suits just laying around, waiting to be donated... you are mistaken. This is my way of having fun with and feeling good about a silly contest that would otherwise make me feel awkward and uncomfortable. I'm not familiar with "Curb Your Enthusiasm," but I'm no Ted Danson, I promise.