Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sexy Similarities

As you're probably already aware, Strib arts and entertainment spinoff,, has run a "Hotness" contest for the past three years (though technically, the first year it was a "Bachelor/Bachelorette" contest), inviting the public to submit and vote for a plethora of easy-on-the-eyes locals. The hottest of the hot walk away with a slew of cool prizes and a cover/photo spread in the popular publication, followed by a big party to celebrate. Voting is in full effect right now and runs through January 20th.

Today, it was brought to our attention that Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine is running a very similar contest, and as a peeved contributor pointed out via Facebook on Tuesday, the contest has "a similar structure, similar rules, similar party, similar prizes, and it's all happening at virtually the same time." All of which is undeniably true. While the concept of a "Hottest People" contest is not technically all that original, it's still quite an eyebrow-raiser considering the notable similarities between the two and the size and scope of our local print media spectrum (i.e., not very big).

What say you? Strange coincidence or blatant rip off?

Luckily, the Twin Cities has plenty of sexy peeps to go around, so we're not exactly complaining! While we're on the subject, check out our picks for the hottest hotties in's contest!

Vote for peeps in the contest HERE

Check out the MSP contest HERE (accepting submissions until Jan 20th)

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