Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hell Burgers in Minneapolis! Who's with us?

Typically, we wouldn't give a hoot about anything Duluth related, but we seriously are considering starting a petition over this one. We need a Minneapolis Hell Burgers location!

In case you didn't know, staple local restaurant Hell's Kitchen has a sister location in Duluth. After being open for a number of years, the Duluth restaurant had to re-evaluated its market due to the fluctuation of tourists, and dismal breakfast crowds (yes, weird, we know). What they came up with, however, kind of makes us wish we lived in Duluth! According to their Facebook page, Hell's Kitchen's new incarnation, HELL BURGERS, opened up this week. It's a Hell's Kitchen spin-off burger joint that flaunts all the best bar food with a gourmet twist -- the menu even includes spiked milkshakes!

Hell's Kitchen proprietress Cynthia Gerdes tipped us off to this blog post about the new joint. We never thought we'd say it, but we're jeally of Duluth!

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  1. i am jealous! now I need to find time to head up to Duluth.