Sunday, January 10, 2010

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Local artist Gregory Euclide travels to France and brags about it visually via his facebook page. Seriously, there were so many amazing shots we had a hard time choosing just one!

West Bank Social Center instigator Shanai Matteson gets her Funyun on in the Glamour Glamour photo booth. Photo by Carrie L. Agnew.

Puny Interactive and Pink Hobo guru Shad Petosky takes a cool looking pic of bottles and stuff with his iphone.

Pencilthin kicks off the New Year with sliders, Cheap Red Wine and Killer Klowns -- like a real American.

Nicole Frost and friends go on an Arctic Expedition to Minnehaha Falls.

Musician Gretchen Seichrist of Patches and Gretchen posted this cool photo of herself with film guru Mike Etoll (who also designed the set). Photo by the amazing Tony Nelson!

Weisman Art Museum marketing Director, Christopher James not only knows art, but he also knows how to bake a delicious looking Challah bread!

Fashion Designer and director Emma Berg gets snapped by Stephanie Colgan for the Voltage: Fashion Amplified website and look book. l'etoile staff designer and Voltage art director Chris Larson caught this weirdly lit, cool pic on his iphone.

One of our fave gays, Ben Fredrickson puts on a scary/zany/awesome getup and hams it up for the cam. Please note the absence of pants.

l'etoile-ites Brian Gioielli and Beth Hammarlund know how to party. Trust us.

Christian Erickson snaps this super neat pic at the secret Jeremy Messersmith house show put on by on Sunday.

Local artist James Michael Lawrence uploads some new (and old work) to his Facebook page. The shot above is one of his latest!

Take a cool picture lately? Send us the link to where it's been uploaded to to be considered for next week's edition of This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures!

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