Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sorry ladies!

You all know Robyne Robinson. She is probably the most recognizable face on local TV, not to mention, an accomplished jewelry designer, patron of the arts and all around cool chick! According to Robinson's Facebook status today, Wikipedia has her listed under "LGBT Televsion Personalities," though RR is definitely down with the menz, despite rumors that have swirled in previous years.

Research uncovers that her personal Wikipedia page does not contain any LGBT related information, but Robyne is listed in the aforementioned "LGBT Television Personalities" category on the site. A good sport, of course, Robyne clears the air, saying "Wikipedia has me listed as one of America's LGBT broadcast personalities... Sorry, girls: I'm not!! But if you have a cute brother...."

Guess all those years emceeing the Pride Parade have paid off, eh?

Submitted by @marrina.

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