Friday, August 6, 2010

Pix from the LOL/OMG Meetup & Rock Show 8/5

Thanks to the talented (and super pretty) Ms. Amy Gee for snapping some hot shots at the LOL/OMG Social Media Meetup and Rock Show at the 501 Club last night! We had a total blast! WaxxMaxx featuring Nicole Brenny, Alyssa Brenny and Mark Mallman kicked things off, followed by the always rockin' Ed and Ashley Ackerson of BNLX and the pure amazingness of Phantom Tails. ALL these bands blew our minds with their awesomeness, so be sure to check them out sometime if you were too lame to make the party.

Thanks to everyone who came, all the bands, and the staff of the 501 for making last night so super fun!

To see more pix from the event a la Amy Gee click HERE.




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