Monday, August 2, 2010

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Designer Mackenzie Labine (aka Oishiimomo) presents her F/W 2010 lookbook. The line is called "Lovemonster" how cute is that? Photo by Emily Utne. For more pics click HERE.

John Munson and George Scot McKelvey rock out at The Kidneys Are Alright benefit event at Clubhouse Jager! Photo by David De Young.

Tony Nelson snaps Hal Lovemelt VJing/being zany at the Manarchy party! Full slideshow at City Pages here.

Stacy Schwartz captures a hoard of white people having fun at the Lowertown Music Fest. Full slideshow at City Pages here.

Kendall Bohn continues his documentation of the Lowry Bridge construction.

Paul Pirner and Co. play a show at a Masonic Temple in Winona, MN and have a little fun in the "green room."

Amy Rice celebrates her dog Ella's birthday. Adorbz!

A second dog-in-a-hat pic. This time, at the Northeast Dog Parade. LOL!

Jenny Dalton reaps the benefits of vegetable gardening!

Joshua Dorothy vists Colorado and snaps this Sound of Music-esque scene with his iphone.

Daniel Peet captures some cool light.

Paul Duhram has some photo fun with a giant mushroom.

WTF pic of the week: Danielle Morris snaps Well, we're sort of confused but we totally want that tiger painting!

The Mayor does a press conference at the new Zeus Jones space. #kewl

Mayor R.T. Ryback really got around this week. Here, he drops in to Thom Pham's Wonderous Azian Kitchen to personally issue Pham his liquor license for the new space. Now that's a seal of approval!

If this guy is teaching the class, we're so in.

Laugh Out Loud/Oh My God! Photo by Sean Ryan.

The band I Like You now has beer cozies. And this guy has an awesome t-shirt.

Kristoffer Knutson snaps this cool pic of a detergent mess at Gaar Scott Lofts.

Vas Littlecrow performs at the Soap Factory's Artery TwentyTen event.

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