Thursday, August 12, 2010

Save our SooVAC!

Longtime fixture on the local gallery scene, Soo Visual Arts Center, is in a bit of a crisis. With mounting construction costs on the new space and with the added issue of not being open for four months, the gallery is in dire need of your support. $35,000 needs to be raised by September 20th if the gallery is to stay open. Click HERE to read about the problems the Soo is having and find out how you can help. And while you're there read a heartfelt testimonial from local art staple, Amy Rice.

Losing the SooVAC would be a huge loss to the Lyn/Lake neighborhood -- we absolutely can't let that happen! Peeps have been tweeting and Facebooking today in support of the gallery - and you can help by spreading the word and simply by becoming a member (with some cool benefits) for as little as $35. We just did!

Just think, for the price of a few cocktails you can help keep arts alive in the Twin Cities. And how good will that make you feel? Better than having a hangover, we'd expect. Do it now, or we'll disown you.

Keep up with the SooVAC on Facebook to find out about upcoming fundraisers and news!

Submitted by @letoilemagazine


  1. Now hold on a minute, the gallery re-opening was just last month and now suddenly they figure out that they need this money? And the masses are supposed to help or ELSE?!? I'm not supporting any galleries in the city that cannot be fiscally and socially responsible. This is what you get for poor budgeting, planning, and opening an imposter store in the place of ROBOTlove. Let it fail.

  2. Spend $35 on art? thats what starving artists is about----- take their money and run. if it means ""MORE"" jobs that would be great but spend money on tthings that are not as important to people sounds like something the idiot Gov. Pawlenty Is trying to force thru.