Monday, August 16, 2010

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Leslie Plesser shoots some beautiful and ethereal pix at the Interpol show at First Avenue. Full slideshow at here.

Christy Hunt of Pink Mink rocks out at the Pizza Luce Block Party! Photo by Stacy Schwartz, full slideshow at City Pages here.

Nikki Miller shoots the Loring Alley Party. Slide show at City Pages here.

Jenny Dalton enjoys coffee on the porch. Pretty!

Artists set up for the Whale Ocean Disco Party at Art of This. Photo by Andy DuCett.

Music nerds go canoeing! Photo by Ben Clark.

Eric Hendrickson snaps a perfect reflective shot downtown Minneapolis. We always forget how cool this looks.

Cult Status Gallery director Erin Sayer snaps this funny pic in her neighborhood. LOL!

Jesse Draxler goes to a swap meet in L.A.

Olivia Brown plays around with some filters on her iphone.

Local artist Alex Kuno visits Prauge and gets some nice shots.

Courtney McLean in a Delorean. What more do we have to say?

David De Young captures the fun at the King's Wine Bar 1st Anniversary/Mad Ripple Hootenanny Marathon party.

Colleen Guenther checks out the Polish Festival and snaps this great shot.

Paul Duhram gets some cool shots of old dolls and various bric-a-brac.

The talented and super-funny Brian Beatty performs at the Fringe Festival. Photo by Craig VanDerSchaegen.

Christina Rimstad gets some sweet new glasses from France. We like!

Jahna Peloquin takes a sip from Mark Fox's nut after the Attitude City Yacht Party.

Lovely lady (and talented artist) Jennifer Sandquist does a photo shoot with Tim Davis.

Sara Glassman shoots a cute pic of Teqen Zea Aida and his adorable pup at the Twin City Polo Classic. More pix and article on the Star Tribune here.

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