Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend Twitterings

This weekend you guys got sweaty, waxed philosophical about boobs, met celebs and more! Weekend Twitterings are here!

We need visual proof asap.

Sounds utterly charming!

So in other words we have to re-learn what a "Triceratops" looks like in case of a Jurassic Park take over? Sigh.

Whatevs, who needs a uterus?

Someone bring Winnerbowzer a taco immediately! (But not that kind)

We took multiple cold showers this weekend. And not metaphorical ones.

Us too. Us too.

Pizza fight!


Jahna charmed her way into VIP and met Macy Gray!

That's what our voice sounds like all the time.


Deep thoughts from Mark Mallman. But yeah, where DID all the boobs go?

We knew the Hulk would type in all caps if he was on Twitter.

Oh no. Intervention!

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