Thursday, August 12, 2010

Minnesota singer puts Levi Johnston in her music video, we puke in our mouths a little

National treasure D-Bag Levi Johnston (aka Bristol Palin's baby daddy) has been seen gettin' all up in the business of Minnesota r&b/pop singer, Brittani Senser (aka Joe Senser's daughter). They hit up the Teen Choice Awards together and the Strib's C.J. reported (and even posted a video) from L.A. that Levi was making a special guest appearance in Brittani's new music video. Barf!

We're not usually too catty on LOL/OMG, but damn, girl - putting the biggest douche in America in your music video isn't going to do anything but get you bad press. And despite the saying, sometimes bad press is JUST bad press. Tacky!

Update: On the upside, we heard that Senser went to L.A. with a suitcase full of clothing by local designer Jenny Carle and (as we reported earlier this week) she wore a Christopher Straub dress to the Teen Choice awards. Wonder if some local designers will pop up in the Levi-tainted video? hmmm.

Image via Perez Hilton viz WENN
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