Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gayngs makes NME's "Best New Bands of 2010" List

Our own hometown supergroup, Gayngs, is bestowed yet another honor - a coveted slot on NME's Best New Bands of 2010 list. The international list names the group #43 on the list, saying:

"43. Gayngs. From: Minneapolis, United States. NME said: "Antique keyboards pulse, fretless basses thrum and a variety of voices echo in and out, underlying the trippy feel and making this pretty much the most scintillating and daring record of the year so far. Buy it. Play it. Get beaten up for being different." Essential Track: 'The Gaudy Side Of Town'."

Kudos guys and girls!

If you can bear clicking through the 50 slow-loading pages complete with pics, you're sure to find some great new music...and help beef up NME's analytics while your at it.

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