Monday, February 6, 2012

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Jess Lindgren of Sidewalk Finds captures a foggy shot of the Foshay.

@kshoop gets a great shot at Cliche's "Avoid the Grey" fashion show/installation at the Grainbelt Bottling House.

Christian Erickson also checks out the Avoid the Grey fashion installation and gets a number of awesome shots.

@benbrlsq continues his ongoing stream of great instagram pics!

Tim Ritter finds a sad little pony.

Chuck Olsen sees faces. #iseefaces

Garrio Harrison slices some salmon.

Mackenzie Orth photographs the opening of Illo Minn: Volume 3 at the College of Visual Arts. Slideshow at City Pages here.

Bon Iver sound checks on Saturday Night Live! See the videos here and here.

@purmort and @noraborealis celebrate being on vacation in Orlando.

Clubhouse Jager co-workers Missy and Paul smooch it up.

Corey Tenold and Ashlee Walker go 3-D.

Brian Hart finds some odd bric-a-brac amid the Art Shanties.

Erica Rivera captures a frosty morning.

Artist Michael Thomsen shares a shot of his charming workshop.

Fashion designer Max Lohrbach takes a sewing break.

Eunice Pitts snaps a glowy shot of Northeast Minneapolis.

Jaime Carrera basks in the glow of Madonna.

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