Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Frances Bean Cobain Was Concieved in Minneapolis?

Today, in awesome rock 'n' roll news, Courtney Love reveals her daughter Frances Bean Cobain was conceived in a downtown Minneapolis hotel in 1991. In a recent NY Mag interview about "Smells Like Teen Spirit Video", Love says:

The next time I saw the video [for “Smells Like Teen Spirit”] with [Kurt Cobain] was at the Omni Northstar Hotel in Minneapolis. I’d flown there to fuck Billy Corgan, who still had lots of hair. I didn’t even know Nirvana were playing that night. Kurt and I wound up at the Northstar, and our daughter, Frances, was basically made that night."

Photo by Hedi Slimane.

Via Fimoculous Tumblr.

Submitted by @marrina


  1. She had flown into town to fuck Billy Corgan, who still had lots of hair back then? ...Please tell me this girl got herself emancipated by the time she was, I dunno, 5? She'd be better off.

  2. What does "basically made" mean? Either she was concieved there or she wasn't.

  3. Rumor is that she was made at Pachyderm Studios in Cannon Falls. Or at least he gave her the time there. The red couch on which the deed went down is now at the Contented Cow in Northfield. Gotta cling to that kinda stuff in Minnesota.