Sunday, October 9, 2011

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Brenda Peters captures the zombie vibe in St. Paul.

Nancy Sartor takes a country adventure over the weekend.

Cheryl Wilgren Clyne gives away bear masks at the new Air Sweet Air Gallery during the art crawl.

Local girl Karen O'Bryan visits a street market in Singapore.

Hal Lovemelt speaks the light. Photo by Matt Visionquest.

Nice City Clothing shot a cute new lookbook. Photography by Shannon Licari.

Dory Kahale snaps a pic of the Martini Luge at Pixel Farm's Sweet 16 party.

Amy Gee shoots some swirling fashion at the Little Black Dress MNFashion Week event at the Amsterdam. l'etoile review and more pix here.

A shirtless boat ride in October? Yep, it's been unseasonably nice out! Photo by Kelsey Johnston.

Photogen Inc does a super pretty fashion shoot.

Behind the scenes at Haus Salon's fall photo shoot. photo by Avenue E Photography.

C-Rocka goes biker chic.

Dave Enblom captures many different things in one shot. Cool composition!

Iain St. James shoots a zombie Scott Seekins with the real Scott Seekins. Nice!

Things You Carry featuring the work of Vincent Stall opened at CO Exhibitions on Saturday.

Naures Sager and Willow Cobenais get cute on the street.

Christian Erickson checks out the Jeremy Messersmith/Lucy Michelle cemetery show and gets some choice shots.

Andrea Vogel models for Handsome Cycles 2012 catalog!

Mike Minehart shoots Andrew WK performing at the Zombie Pub Crawl in St. Paul.

Gregory Euclide captures a pretty sunset.

Josh Clancy cozies up to death.

Brad Ogbonna chills on a NYC rooftop. Cool light!

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  1. who would match their bad red shoes w their bad red hair LOL funniest pic ever!