Monday, December 12, 2011

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Paper Antler snaps Sims riling up the crowd at Doomtree's final night of Blowout week at 1st Ave. Massive!

City Pages gives us a tasty tour of the Donut Cooperative. Full slideshow here.

Erica Rivera snaps a frosty window pane. Pretty!

Shon Troth and Alana Gordhamer of Pull Jewelry shill their wares at CO Exhibitions' World (craft) Fair on Saturday.

Mason Meisch gets an arty shot of his MOAB (The MOAB is, apparently, a movie projector/popcorn maker/BBQ/Karaoke machine/tandem bike).

Tom Riggle has lost his marbles.

Janey Winterbaur and fam trim the tree.

Steven Vander Horck shoots a terrifying photo of god knows what.

Marc Mastel finds #nokings on an East Hennepin sidewalk.

Brandon Jay Sutton finds some "art" at his bus stop.

Mark Jackson snaps a crazy shot of the window blinds at Peavey's Spices in Uptown. Our brain hurts looking at this.

Who says you need lessons? Photo by Karl Pearson-Cater.

Anne Tonolli Cook went to the Santa Crawl in St. Paul!

Ronnie Cooper spots a huge weiner.

Beth Bowman makes meat.

Sohail Akhavein and friends strip Sorry? We can dig it.

Damon Thrift gets nerdy with his holiday baking!

Dirk Duane snaps a colorful photo of friends at the Uptown VFW's Ugly Sweater Party. That's one epic Cosby sweater!

Lea Anderson captures an adult human pyramid at a holiday party. We can't imagine this ended well!

We LOOOOOVE Michael Gaughn's dog, Toby.

Mandi Roberts makes some fancy Christmas balls. Festive!

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