Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oprah, Beyonce, Taylor Swift perform at Target's managers meeting

Earlier today the Target Center played host to Target's annual managers meeting, which has been known to book a celeb performer or two. The super-exclusive event was covered by Star Tribune's Jon Bream here, and the astounding musical lineup featured a very preggers Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Tony Bennett, Alison Krauss, and Willow Smith. Also in the house were Shaun White and OPRAH MOTHEREFFING WINFREY, who spoke during the meeting.

Here's Beyonce performing:

Photo via @BeyonceLite

Willow Smith posed with Target's mascot, Bullseye the Dog (who, hilariously, has his own Twitter account):

Willow Smith's photo @abullseyeview it was nice to meet you today Bullseye...SO CUTE (: I love TARGET!!

But OMG you guys - OPRAH was here! And she loved it:

And she was gifted with unbelievably-sold-out goodies from the Missoni for Target collection. No fair.

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