Monday, September 12, 2011

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Joe Hastings rocks out on set of his new music video. Photo by Jose Ortiz.

Ashlee Walker channels black swan. Photo by Corey Tenold.

Stacy Schwartz captures the sold out crowd at one of two Bon Iver shows at the Orpheum last week. Full slideshow at City Pages here.

This guy just wants some peace. And the Shoebox Gallery is just the place to find it. Photo by Sean Smuda.

Sallie Watson snaps the first inkling of summer's departure.

Singer Alison Scott gets shot at the Guthrie for Alive Magazine.

Cool kids Megan Pelka and Adam Mehl take some rockin' engagement photos. Photo by

Erica Rivera visits a Rope Maze.

Miles Schuster shoots fashion with model Kimberly Bowman as his muse.

A patron takes in artist Nate Young's work in "Postracializationalism" at XYandZ Gallery. More photos from the opening here.

Mayda gets some fierce new promo pics in anticipation for her forthcoming album, Tusks in Furs, releasing this coming Saturday at the Cedar. Photo by Serah Sauser.

Daniel Peet shoots the magically mundane.

Dancers get geared up to perform at the Walker's Fantastical Fete in the Sculpture Garden. Photo by Ines Kovacevic (who also styled the dancers!)

Ellie Blades snaps a local alien.

Colorful dancers ring in the opening of the new Cowle's Center. Photo via Artspace.

Domino Davis (Dearling Physique) is on an extended trip to Berlin to work on his music. He's getting lots of inspiration at the Berlin Festival, where he hung out backstage with Boys Noize.

Hilary Lund visits Iceland and happens upon some cool yarn bombing. Photo by Emilie Hitch.

Mike Minehart shoots Solid Gold performing at the Summit Brewery 25th Anniversary party in St. Paul.

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