Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend Twitterings

This weekend you partied like rockstars, whooped it up at the State Fair, saw awesome new bands and oh-so much more. Welcome to Weekend Twitterings!

Thanks, Hilary!

Sounds appropriate.


A bark of ridicule?

Dads + skinny jeans = probably not a good idea

#firstworldhumanproblems #legitcatproblems

We'd take that over NASCAR at top volume.

We could see this working.

Chihuahua's are so judgmental.

The Polica debut at Nick and Eddie had Twitter buzzing, in a good way.

That's a nice tribute. We think?

But the best tweets always happen after 3am!

We agree with HarMar. If you can find the Taco Johns, you're home free.

Our rule? Stay out of any situation that involves a samurai sword.

We are glad we're not dudes so we don't have to know about these things.


Back to school!!!

P.O.B. clearly had a good time this weekend.

Angie knows how to work the fair like a pro!

Submitted by @theiverson and @jahnapeloquin

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