Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dater Haters hits the Twin Cities

Uh-oh. Daters everywhere, beware: a new website that exposes your online dating "practices" has just launched. Here is how (appropriately titled) DaterHaters describe themselves:

"We here at DaterHaters think everyone deserves to be loved. Even online daters. But some people are making pretty major mistakes when creating their profiles, presenting themselves as cads, jerks, buffoons, or worse. We call ‘em out on this website and hope they get the message. Consider it tough love.

Each week, we surf the profiles of online daters in a different city and select several that illustrate profile “don’ts” ..."

We were notified of the existence of this site because, apparently, it's Minneapolis week. So, those of you with embarrassing online dating profiles be on the lookout! But hey, this website is not all about the bad. They have a section called "the good guys" where they honor the men that are "doing it right".

What do you think of the site? Funny or not so much? Recognize any of the local profiles featured?

Submitted by @marrina

1 comment:

  1. So far, it looks like they've got no humour when it comes to MPLS. No finger 'staches? Sure, they're played out, but there's still something charming about them, and that dude looks like he's cute, has at least some style and a friend who can take a nice photo, and he definitely has a sense of humour. Those all seem to be strong pros in the dating world, methinks. And I'll agree on the no poetry front, unless it's ridiculously endearing and about Easy Cheese.

    Dater Haters, you're groping. I've been on dating sites in these parts, and you ain't found anything near what I seen. Except that dude from Coon Rapids. But he's from Coon Rapids.

    -Sarah Moeding