Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another Local Super Group?

While our friends Gayngs are busy touring the US and performing on Late Night TV, another local super group was just announced. It all started on Facebook, of course. A page was created under the name "Guitar Party" with this description :

"we are a new group out of minneapolis. you may have seen our members play in such groups as halloween alaska, andrew bird, why?, dosh, alpha consumer, fog, heatdeath, mpls. dub ensemble, eyedea and abilities, gayngz, etc.. our singer is a first grader at hale elementary."

Not bad, huh? The group already made 170 friends and they also announced their first show should be happening this week. Where, we don't know but keep an eye out on their Facebook page for more details.

Now, please, will somebody make a painting of these guys in a hot tub? Thanks.

Art by lead singer Mijah Ylvisaker

Submitted by @marrina

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